Funniest in South Texas 2016 Comedy Contest!

11th Annual Contest sponsored by Laugh Out Loud and RiverCenter Improv clubs.

San Antonio Improv


Preliminary Round 1

January 27, 2016
Advancing to playoffs
Mary Becquet
Carlton Britt
Jerry Debo Smith

Advancing to Semi-Finals
Javi Luna



Mary Becquet is an unsophisticated woman working in the corporate world.  Frustrated as she watched her friends succeed while she did not, this career woman from rural Texas eventually  began to find her low self-esteem and lack of achievement funny.   She took to writing jokes and insults instead of taking notes at company meetings.  When her co-workers discovered her notebook (which did not show them in a complimentary light!), Mary claimed it was all part of her “comedy act”.  The next week, Mary frantically enrolled herself in a comedy class

Mary’s background is a long way from the Fortune 500 world of her day job.  Growing up in Manor, Texas (the town too poor to afford a dictionary), she was a state finalist for Texas Farm Bureau Queen, but at 18 cut her finger off with a table saw.  “You know what I hate?”,  muses Mary.  “Finger food.”  Try as she might to maintain a corporate image, her caustic personality and rustic roots have a habit of showing through.  She’s a little too loud and a little too honest, the kind of woman who says what everyone else wants to say.

Whether offering up her panicked fear of aging and deriding her shallow self-absorbtion with her looks; skewering the daily aggravation of married life; or telling stories about her  embarrassing misadventures while traveling internationally, Mary Becquet’s wry observations make for great comedy. 

Combining the satire of early Saturday Night Live, and the wacky domestic comedy of Lucille Ball, Mary Becquet has audiences rolling in the aisle.  In 2015 she appeared at clubs from Montreal and Toronto Canada, to Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Michigan and all across Texas.  Mary also performs comedy at corporate events with audiences of all ages;  contact Mary today for booking at your next party or Corporate celebration.

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March 16-20, 2016
Host for Drew Fraser
RiverCenter Improv
849 E Commerce St.
San Antonio, TX


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