Comedian and Actor

Welcome to my new blog space!

I’ve been back in LA for 3 months now.

All the fruit trees, hibiscus and bougainvillea here make me really happy every time I leave the house. That, and the cheap frozen yogurt here tell me: LA is paradise. Yogurtland, I salute you!

We had no flowers or beautiful plants in Texas, unless you’re talking bluebonnets but those only bloom one month a year. Back home, unless it’s springtime, you’ve got post oak, cactus and dead Johnson grass as far as the eye can see. The only place different is the river walk in San Antonio, a oasis of concrete, filled with drunk tourists wearing fiesta crowns and day of the dead sunglasses. The froyo situation in Texas was not good – Orange Leaf was my nearest trap, and 8 oz cost me $8.00 there! Here in LA my 8 oz is $2.50 and I am a happy happy woman.

Best of all, I have regained my ability to drive fast. That first month I was getting passed by 88 year old retirees coming in from Palm Springs to their doctor appointments! Even my cautious husband mocked my slow trek from freeway to freeway. So I pushed myself to go fast and change lanes hard. And I did it! I’m back and I found my gas pedal. I’ll be sharing my crazy thoughts, irrational fears and morbid obsessions here weekly, so check back.

I’ll be appearing at the Ventura Comedy Club on October 8 for the Ventura Comedy Festival, see you there!